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Week Five Playroom Update

Week five of a vintage modern playroom makeover for the One Room Challenge.

This week, it's like I was given permission to slack on our playroom progress... Linda from Calling It Home, the host of the One Room Challenge, announced that this round of the ORC would be extended one week to accommodate for all of the recent natural disasters. Many participants were affected, and many businesses that participants are depending on were affected and currently have delayed shipping. Linda has the biggest heart for giving everyone a little more time!!!

Big thanks to Blindster for sponsoring us in the One Room Challenge!
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Should I have taken advantage of this extra time and used it to make big progress and get ahead? Probably... but instead, we spent a few days away from the playroom and enjoyed Halloween weekend with our little ones. As much as I love getting to the finish line of a room makeover, seeing the excitement on my toddler's face when he sees himself dressed as a pirate is way better than any room transformation (and how cute is it that a 23 month old wanted to be a pirate?!). I am so thankful for a few low stress days relaxing with my little family and for taking a moment to enjoy life through the eyes of children.

But, that means it really is crunch time now.  (If you're just joining, check out week one for a peek at this room before and the design plans for our vintage schoolhouse playroom).

While there isn't much of a change in photos from last week to this week, we did accomplish a few things. The flooring is completely done, and the shiplap is almost done with just a small section left along the wall where the breaker panel is.

We also removed all of the old cafe curtain hardware, and I've been working on painting the window frames during naptimes. We're just putting a fresh coat of white paint on to fill in chipped areas and encapsulate any remaining lead dust. We're hoping to replace these windows completely in the next couple of years.

We also started installing the blinds, but that progress is controlled by my window painting speed, so we've only installed one set so far. But the transformation that a nice set of blinds makes is just amazing. The whole room instantly feels so much more modern, and you can't even tell that the windows hiding beneath are ancient. The best part about these blinds from is that they are cordless! 🙌 No more worrying about the kids strangling themselves when I leave the room. Once we get the rest of these beauties installed, I'll share some more detailed photos of their features. (PS- if you're thinking the blinds look crooked, it's the angled ceiling. It is totally playing mind games on me!!!)

I also got the walls painted this week! I decided to paint them my favorite barely-there-greige, Eider White. We used this color in our kitchen makeover and I loved it. I wasn't sure how I would like it in this space. I was a little worried about how it would work with the floors, but I hoped that it would help bring out the cooler tones in them, whereas the beige on the walls before was accentuating the warmer tones. Luckily, I was right! The whole room feels brighter, and the floors are toned down quite a bit. I'm glad I stuck with my gut!

I'm hoping by the time I chat with you next week, the rest of the blinds will be installed, the heat covers will be built, and the floor moldings will be installed. After that it's purely cosmetic, so we'll be in good shape for the final reveal! Fingers crossed we'll make it!

To Do List:
  • Remove ceiling tiles and add drywall
  • Cover original porch floor boards with vinyl plank flooring
  • Install new floor moldings
  • Install new, safer baseboard heat covers
  • Paint the walls and exterior door
  • Install new, kid-friendly window treatments (in progress)
  • Install shiplap feature wall
  • Add lighting
  • Create a toy storage solution (tutorial)
  • Install safety features and childproofing measures
  • Decorate with a vintage schoolhouse theme
Check back to see our progress next week. And don't forget to stop by Calling It Home to see all of the other spaces in the One Room Challenge!

Thanks to our sponsor!

Big thanks to our sponsor, Blindster. Stay tuned for more info about their perfect-for-playrooms kid safe blinds!!!

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