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One Room Challenge Playroom Update

Week four of a vintage modern playroom makeover for the One Room Challenge.

This week, we are more than half way through with the One Room Challenge... I am starting to see the tiniest glimpse of the finish line. I'm starting to feel encouraged that we will actually make it!

Big thanks to Blindster for sponsoring us in the One Room Challenge!
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If you're just joining us on this adventure through the six week One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home, we are working on transforming an old, lead paint filled, farmhouse front porch into a vintage schoolhouse themed playroom for our two little boys. There is never a dull moment during the ORC, but things are finally starting to look up for this round.

I really don't have that much more to share with you than I did last week, but the progress is now enough that it finally feels like it's becoming the space I have envisioned. This is when it all starts coming together. And before we know it, I'll be decorating and putting on a few last minute touches.

This week, our main focus was finishing up the new flooring. There's still one tiny strip we need to carefully cut to fit around some weird parts of the wall. As I mentioned last week, there are no plumb walls in this room, so we decided that the easiest option would be to install the flooring starting on one end instead of centering it in the room as you normally would. This left us with a skinny strip on one side, but we felt that would look better than having potentially crooked looking floors. The strip will mostly be behind furniture anyway, so it will hardly be noticeable.

Lakeshore Pecan affordable laminate flooring in a vintage modern schoolhouse playroom.

Don't the floors look SO much better than the chipped painted porch floor that now hides underneath? 😍 Amazing the difference a little budget friendly flooring can make. Flooring for this space was less than $100!!!

You can also see that built in shelf on the right... I'm still brainstorming a plan for it. I have a few ideas, but haven't made a decision. This house is full of built ins. The idea of built ins is cool... until you realize you have nothing to fill them with 😉

How to install tongue and groove shiplap planks. One Room Challenge playroom makeover update.

Our other main focus this week was beginning the shiplap feature wall. Can I just have a Fixer Upper fan girl moment for a sec? I have real shiplap in my house 😍 Ahhhhh! Okay, but seriously. I love Joanna for making shiplap walls a thing because it is so versatile. It can work in farmhouse boho, vintage, eclectic, and even modern spaces. It's a perfect accent and helps other things in the room pop.

You may remember from our old house that we cut our own affordable shiplap for a bathroom makeover using plywood, and then we installed a skinnylap lath wall for the kitchen makeover. For this room, we decided to use true tongue and groove shiplap (and pre-primed!!!) because with two kids under two, we don't have a ton of time to be making tedious cuts and sanding and what not. It was worth a little extra money to save ourselves some time, and y'all, it looks SO good in here!!! So worth it! I can't wait to see how it looks with everything else.

Lakeshore Pecan affordable laminate flooring in a vintage modern schoolhouse playroom.

I don't think I've shown you this side of the room yet. Now that it's cleaned up a bit, I was finally able to get a decent picture. You can see to the right is an exterior door which will we be installing some features to keep the kiddos from escaping. To the left is what used to be an exterior door when this was the front porch. It goes to our living room. We thought about removing the door altogether, but this room is pretty drafty, so we're thinking we may actually need it in the winter. We're going to leave it for now and see how this winter goes.

On the right, you can also see a pile that includes the rest of our shiplap and some primed boards that we are going to use to make covers for the baseboard heat. Yep, we decided to DIY it. Eeeeek! I've done a ton of research on this, so I'm hoping they turn out okay. If it works out, I'll share a tutorial on how you can DIY your own. 

One Room Challenge update

While the room is momentarily clean-ish, it's a good opportunity to show you a closer look at the windows. There are seven windows in this tiny room, which is great since there is no overhead light fixture. However, they are very, very old. And there is likely more lead paint hiding somewhere. We plan to have them replaced in the next year or two hopefully (wouldn't a bay window with a window seat reading nook be so perfect right here?!), but it's not in the budget quite yet. So for now, we did some lead testing that was negative, so we're going to avoid opening these windows so that we don't chip and expose any lead paint beneath the top layer. We'll remove the old hardware and freshen up the top coat of paint. And then we will disguise their oldness with some beautiful new blinds from The blinds have been sitting in the mudroom for weeks, and I cannot waittttt to get them installed! I think it's going to make the whole space feel instantly updated!

This coming week, we will complete the shiplap, paint the walls, and hopefully install the blinds. After that, it's decorating time. The countdown is on!!! Here's a quick recap for you...

To Do List:
  • Remove ceiling tiles and add drywall
  • Cover original porch floor boards with vinyl plank flooring
  • Install new floor moldings
  • Install new, safer baseboard heat covers
  • Paint the walls and exterior door
  • Install new, kid-friendly window treatments
  • Install shiplap feature wall
  • Add lighting
  • Create a toy storage solution (tutorial)
  • Install safety features and childproofing measures
  • Decorate with a vintage schoolhouse theme
Check back to see our progress next week. And don't forget to stop by Calling It Home to see all of the other spaces in the One Room Challenge!

Thanks to our sponsor!

Big thanks to our sponsor, Blindster. Stay tuned for more info about their perfect-for-playrooms kid safe blinds!!!

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  1. The new floors look fantastic!!! Can't wait to see all of the fun details you bring in!