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I've been thinking more and more about this blog lately. Like why am I writing it? What is the point of it? Will anyone even read it? Is it worth spending time on?

So I thought I should just put it all out there. 

I'm the type of person that was collecting home decor magazines from the time I was in high school. As soon as I got my first computer, the hard drive was full of images from Google Image Search of room ideas, color palettes, and DIY projects. Eventually Pinterest came along and opened up new doors. All of a sudden I had somewhere other than my hard drive to save all of these images and an easy way to organize them. It also introduced me to numerous blogs of homes that I dreamed would one day be mine.

Well, now I have my very own home. And I'm not a good writer at all. Or even a good photographer. But I am extremely passionate about decorating, crafting, organizing, DIYing, etc. So this blog is somewhere for me to share my ideas and keep track of the progress of our new home as I finally put all of those years of saved images to good use. And who knows, if they can get past the bad writing, maybe it will spark some ideas for someone else in their own home decor journey. 

I don't have any big dreams that this blog is going to go somewhere. I don't know if anyone will read it or if I'll ever gain any kind of following. But why not give this whole blogging thing a whirl? All of my favorite blogs started out somewhere. I actually went back to the very first post of a blog I've been reading for about five years and noticed that back in the beginning, their blog wasn't so pretty either. It's one of my favorite blogs though and it's popular nationwide, maybe even worldwide. So if they could start off as a simple blog with bad photos and eventually gain a HUGE following just by sharing their decorating ideas, then I can surely post a few bad photos of my own, right? (maybe I'll get that new camera I asked for for Christmas, and then I won't have to cringe at my own photos anymore ;)

For now, my goal is try to make at least one post a week. At the very least, I'll post on each room as I finish it. We'll see how it goes. Any blogging tips are welcome, because this is a journey I have no idea how to embark on!!! :) Wish me luck!

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