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Review of Shur-Line Paint Edger

I'm pretty picky about painting. I hate painting outside the lines... you know, getting paint on the ceiling, the moldings, the floor, anywhere other than where the paint should be. I like crisp clean lines. But I also like to work fast, because really, who wants to spend all day cutting in? 

I usually tape off a room, use a paint brush, and end up cutting in not once, but TWICE to get the previous color not to show through. So when I heard about the Shur-Line paint edger I was eager to try it to see if it would make cutting in go faster, but I was also a little skeptical. I gave it a whirl anyway.

Well the first time I used it, I made a HUGE mess. I almost gave up on the thing. Paint was dripping everywhere. Ugh. But then I watched a lovely little how to video on Youtube, tried again, and had better results. I've used it on three rooms now and I have to say it does get the job done faster. I still use painters tape because if you accidentally get paint on the edge of the Shur-line, it will get on moldings. Better safe than sorry! I do also quickly run a thin brush close to the edge of the tape because the Shur-line just doesn't get close enough to cover up the old color on the edge. But if you're painting over white walls, its probably not that big of a deal. 

So here are the steps I learned to get a nice clean line. 

Dip the edger in the paint. Move it in a circle to fully coat.

Rub the edger around to make sure you got paint on the entire thing, otherwise you end up with splotchy coverage.

Scrape the edger on the edge of your paint tray to rid of all the extra paint. 

Thats it. Start cutting in. Roll the edger back and forth several times for a nice clean line. Tah dah!

I'll continue to post any painting tips and tricks I learn or handy tools I find since I still have a ton of rooms left to paint! Please share any tricks you've found helpful too!

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