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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Happy holidays, everyone! Hope your holidays were as nice as ours were! We had a very busy December! All of our friends have been buying houses, so there were lots of housewarming holiday parties, plus one of my best friends baby showers, and a few family gatherings. I also worked night shift the whole month (we do alternating day/night schedules at my hospital) so I've been a zombie for the last 5 weeks. I don't know how people do full time nights. I can never pull myself together! One more week, and then I'm back to days, thank goodness!!!

What did you all do for Christmas? I was off work luckily, so we spent the day with Pete's family. It was a such a great day and I love that I have a second family to share traditions with now. It makes me even more excited for Pete and I to start our own family one day. Then we left home Saturday morning to head to my family's house for the weekend. Also a great visit! We're so excited that we got to see both our families in one week! We won't always be so lucky because of my crazy nurse schedule, but I'm so glad that for our first married Christmas we were able to be with both sides of the family.

I'm also excited to announce that I got a DSLR for Christmas!! Wahoo!!! It's been a longgg time since my high school photography class, but I'm hoping it all comes back to me quickly so I can start taking much better pictures for the blog and photo displays around the house! I've already started pinning lots of photography lessons to get me started. But bear with me while I learn the ropes!
The new year is right around the corner! I work night shift on New Year's Eve and New Years Day, so unfortunately I won't be doing much celebrating. But that has inspired me to do a little reflecting ahead of time. What an amazing year 2013 was! Pete and I both started new jobs, we got married, and we bought our first home! We went to several of our friends' weddings, celebrated quite a few engagements, and celebrated a few mothers-to-be as well (can't wait for my new little friends to be born very soon!). 2013 could not have been a happier year! So many blessings and positive experiences! We are really looking forward to 2014!
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