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So after looking at about 15 houses we found one we both really liked! Great location. Great yard. Lots of space and storage. Older home but fairly updated, just needed a few minor things. Priced right too! So we made an asking price offer with a little closing cost help. We waited and waited. Waited some more. They counter offered finally, with just a little less in closing assitance. We accepted!

We spent Memorial Day weekend camping in Shenandoah with no cell phone service. Told all of our friends about our new house (as long as inspection and appraisal were okay!). We were so excited!

Monday on the drive back we were checking our emails, voicemails, and texts since we had been out of service for 3 days and we got the dreaded voicemail from our agent. The seller had retracted their counter offer by email before we had actually accepted. Literally minutes before.

Yuck. So upset!!! Now we're starting the process over in a very limited and fast moving market. And did I mention there's only 53 days til the wedding!?!? Man, we have a lot to do....

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