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Meet The B's

That's B for Brzuchalski. Brew-cal-skee. Got it? Good :)
We are a twenty-somethings couple soon to be married (80 days!) and are on the hunt for our first home! Yikes! That's a lot to accomplish in the few short months before the big day! But it's either buy now or suffer another year in the captivity of rentals. My lease ends a mere FIVE days before the wedding so we gotta move fast!

We've been watching the market for months and months and months and have watched many "dream homes" come and go. While we were sad to see each of them sell, it was good to watch the for sale ads for so long ahead of time because we learned a great deal about the market in the areas we are looking at. One of the areas is extremely fast paced. A house goes on the market and within three days it's sold. Poof. Gone. These are big beautiful houses in beautiful tree lined neighborhoods with beautiful gardens. Ah, love. The other area we are looking at is a bit more slow moving, smaller older homes, and a bit more expensive but this is because its a prime location with easy access to the major roads we both need to get to work. It's also closer to our friends and the lifestyle we know.

We can't decide which area is better for us.. so we're going to tour homes in both and pray... a lot... that the right home will present itself at the right time! We just got our mortgage preapproval yesterday so now we are ready to make a list of homes to tour. This should be an easy place to start because we have been using RedFin to watch the market the past few months. This site allows you to mark a heart on your favorite homes so when you look at a map of houses for sale you can easily spot the ones you wanted to look at. So we're going to go back through those, decide which ones might actually work for us, click "tour," and go see them!!!

Stick around to see how this journey ends up! And wish us luck :)

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