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After our 25th house tour last week, we were pretty fed up and frustrated. We had literally looked at every house on the market in our price range that wasn't a short sale. Every house we liked sold before we could put an offer in or was wayyyyy over priced for its condition. We even looked at some really crappy completely non-updated homes in hopes of finding something we could make into our dream home. Overpriced. Ugh.

Then on Thursday we noticed that the very first house we looked at dropped in price. We loved the house when we toured it, and it literally needed no work done to it at all, but it was SO overpriced. Now, they had dropped $10,000 and it had been on the market roughly 90 days (crazy for the market in our area). This wasn't a huge drop, but it told us that they were at least ready to negotiate a little bit. So, we made an offer that we knew they wouldn't accept in hopes that they would at least counteroffer. And they did! They met us half way and wouldn't budge anymore so we acccepted the counteroffer. Still slightly more than what we wanted to pay for that house, but still within our budget. It was still a tough decision because it was a lot more money than the first house that we thought we had. So I held my breath as I signed and pretended to forget that I almost had a much more cushy budget. I convinced myself that there were no other houses available and we were running out of time. We loved this house, so why not splurge a little? It wasn't worth losing the house. Not to mention, if we did buy a bit of a fixer upper, the cost of fixing would eventually equal the cost of this house except that we can finance this whereas upgrading a house comes right out of our pockets. Yep, convinced myself.

And now, it's official. We are under contract. Fingers crossed that inspection and appraisal go well!!!

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