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My favorite Pandora stations for babies

May 13, 2016

If you follow along here often, you probably know that I am a nurse at children's hospital. I work in an ICU, so children are often there for a long stay. It's tough for any kid to be stuck in the hospital, so one of the things we try to do is play fun music for the kids! Most of us nurses have a separate Pandora account just for when we are at work that we have filled with kid friendly stations. Now that I'm a mom, I'm also making use of these fun Pandora stations at home! It gives Cade and I something entertaining to do, not to mention studies have shown the benefits of music for kids time and time again! Today, I'm sharing some of my favorite Pandora stations for babies!!!
Great list of six best Pandora stations for babies

May Monthly DIY Challenge- Air Dry Clay Nautical Decor

May 11, 2016

8 DIY Air Dry Clay Project Ideas #monthlydiychallenge

As much as my friends and I love the Monthly DIY Challenge, not all of our challenges are a success! Some challenge themes are quite difficult to work with, and this month was pretty tricky!! This month we worked with air dry clay. We've come up with some pretty cool projects, but some of us have some lessons learned to share, so be sure to check the rest of the projects out at the bottom of this post!! 

10 DIY Rustic-Industrial Light Fixtures

April 21, 2016

10 DIY rustic industrial light fixtures to make

Making the new light fixture for our laundry room inspired me to see what other kind of light fixtures have been created. I found these gorgeous DIY rustic-industrial light fixtures...

8 Useful Apps for Parents of Babies

April 19, 2016

8 free apps for parents of babies.

As a new mom, I am all about making life easier. Here's a few handy apps that I have found to be super helpful for the past few months! Let me know if you have any more great apps for babies!

Monthly DIY Challenge- Brass lamp makeover

April 13, 2016

12 Ways to use patina paint. Get an oxidized metal finish on any object!
Hello, my lovely friends! Happy April! It's been pretty gloomy around here lately, reminding me that "April showers bring May flowers," and I am hoping that's true!!! Thankfully, it's Monthly DIY Challenge time which always cheers me up! Each month, a group of friends and I choose a challenge item or theme, and we each create something unique!

This month's challenge was an interesting one! Modern Masters sponsored the challenge, and we each used one of their Metal Effects kits to create something with a patina finish. The kits include a primer, a metallic paint, and a spray that oxidizes the metal. They have three kits: rust on iron paint, green patina on copper paint, or blue patina on bronze paint. These kits definitely required that we think outside of the box and be creative, and I love what we each came up with!

DIY Chicken Wire Light Fixture

April 11, 2016

Another piece of the laundry room is done, y'all! I am so excited about this project! I've been daydreaming about this DIY light fixture since 2013! This is inspired by this one at The Woodgrain Cottage. I started brainstorming our laundry room build years ago and stumbled upon Shayna's light when skimming through Pinterest for rustic/industrial laundry rooms. From the moment I saw it, I decided I would be making my own version for our new laundry space!

How to make a rustic laundry room light fixture out of chicken wire