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Our 2021 Project Plans

A sneak peek at our planned projects for this year

I always create a lofty list of planned projects. I'm a list maker to the core, paper and pencil kind of girl. I might not always check every thing off of my list, but it really helps me to have a starting point and keeps me focused. I also find it helpful to have a word of the year. I don't always choose one, but if one comes to me that encompasses goals in multiple areas of my life, I go for it. It helps set my intention for the coming year. This year my word is refine. I'll be refining a lot of things in my life, but for the purposes of this blog, let me tell you about how I will be refining my home. 
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Spaces to Refine

I've done a lot of experimenting with my decor style over the past couple of years, and it seems like each room I finish is a little different than the last. I like where things are heading, but it all feels a little disconnected.

This year I would like to refine my style, really zero in on what I love and want to incorporate in each room, and then revisit the completed rooms to make small revisions that will help it all flow together. 

Green farmhouse kitchen

These are on my list to refine:
  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Powder room
  • Playroom
I will share more details on my refined style and on each room as I go. 

New 2021 Projects


Our first project of the year is the closet in our master bedroom. This is long over due! It's our largest storage space in the house, so it really needs to be functional. It's an A-frame which makes it tough! I've been sharing the process in my stories over on Instagram if you want to follow along!
A-frame closet design on graph paper. Paint swatches.


There are two projects we will slowly work on throughout the year, and our master bedroom is one of them. We've done hardly anything to it since moving in, and it seriously lacks style. It's a large room with a vaulted ceiling, so I will likely work on it one corner at a time. I'm working on a mood board that I will share with you soon!
Master bedroom with green painted nightstand and brass task lamp

Yard design

The other project we are working on slowly is our yard. During last year's big patio project, I mentioned the garden design class I was working through. This has been a game changer for helping us create a vision for our outdoor spaces.

The class was recently updated and is now called The Garden Design Lab. I highly recommend checking it out! We are working on the design of our entire yard, but our first two focus areas are the patio gardens and our front walkway.

Patio plans

We finished up the design of our patio last summer, but the gardens still need some work. We're working through the plant design this winter so that we'll be ready for spring planting. I'm picturing more hydrangeas, hostas, ferns, and hellebores, for a very classy yet relaxed patio garden.
Gravel patio with teak dining table and sitting area

Front landscaping

Our house sits sideways on our property so the front of the house faces the side yard (we don't have a true backyard). The walkway leading to our front porch is at a really strange angle. There is nothing leading people from the street to our front door, so most people get confused and go to our kitchen door.

We would like to recreate the entire space to lead to the front door and also create a garden bed that separates the front of our house from our patio so that it's less confusing. 

Craftsman style front porch


That brings me to the next project. We've been dying to tackle the mudroom. When anyone does actually make it to the front door, I'm embarrassed to open it because this mudroom/main entry is pretty much a disaster.

Farmhouse mudroom with tongue and groove, peg rail, and green painted door.

It has this cute little tongue and groove bench with a peg rail, but the rest of it is not so great. This is the next indoor project on my list after we finish the closet (well, maybe a little bit of refining spaces before I dive back into a bigger project. I always need a little break in between!).

Bonus building

Our BIGGEST project for this year is the bonus building on our property. I've never really shared it before because it currently holds everything that came out of our unfinished basement when we moved.

Based on old aerial photos I found, it used to be a workshop at some point in time, and then someone converted it to a usable space. It has drywall, electrical, and heat.
Bonus out building with cedar shake exterior

We would love to turn it into a space that's great for entertaining, especially when we host summer gatherings. It would also be nice to have a place for guests to sleep if needed. There isn't any running water, and we probably can't add any with our current septic set up, so it's definitely not a great guest space, but in a pinch, it will be good enough.

I'm envisioning a small kitchenette, lots of seating, and either a pull out sofa or murphy bed. And storage space is a must!

Jack's room

Last but not least, is our son Jack's room. He is three and will be ready for a big boy bed soon! I have an antique bed ready and waiting.

Nursery with antique door and school house light. Airplane height chart on the wall. Green painted door.

Jack went through a lot of transitions this year though, so we aren't going to push him. A new sibling, a pandemic, lots of doctors visits due to his small size, and still battling potty training, he has plenty on his little three year old plate!

But as soon as he is ready for the transition to a big boy bed, I will stop whatever projects we're working on and prioritize his room. His favorite color is green which will look great with the antique door in his room and the wooden bed he will be getting. I'm excited to create a room that can grow with him. When he's ready ;)

As you can see, I've got a full list to tackle! I hope you will follow along on Instagram for real time updates!

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