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Vintage style kitchen faucets and ORC progress

Week four One Room Challenge progress and vintage style kitchen faucet inspiration

Ahhhh, week four. This is always the week where I start to feel a little crazy. It's when you start to worry about finishing on time, when something inevitably goes wrong, when something sets you back a little bit. It always happens, never fails. Yet somehow, we always make it to the finish line! Sometimes, there are tiny little details left at the end (like some missing caulk or touch up paint), but we always manage to check off the big things on the list, and the transformation is always worth the tight timeline. Nothing like a six week challenge to set a fire in you to accomplish a project!

I am honored to be collaborating with Sherwin-Williams and Kingston Brass on this project. As always, I only promote brands that I love and think you will too.
This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. For more information, see my disclosure policy.

One Room Challenge

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Week four kitchen makeover progress

Although we inevitably hit some setbacks this week, I also feel like it was the most productive week yet. Instead of solely focusing on cabinetry, we were also able to devote some time to other parts of the project.

I briefly mentioned last week that I ran into some issues painting the upper cabinets. I am experienced with the Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel I am using and rave about its durability for cabinets, but the semi-gloss finish was not giving me the look that I wanted. I ended up buying a can of the same paint in satin finish... and Voila! Satisfaction. 🙌

So now that the cabinets are finallyyyy done and everything is curing, we were able to move on.

Sherwin Williams Contented on interior pocket door with brass hardware

During naptimes this week, I painted our pocket doors and pantry door. If I ever find matching antique solid wood doors, they will replace all of these, but for now, they at least needed some color.

I originally planned to paint the doors in my favorite black "Greenblack" but with the dark lower cabinets and black countertops I was worried black doors would start to feel more modern than I wanted. Instead I chose Sherwin-Williams "Contented" which is the lightest shade on the palette that contains our lower cabinet color of "Privilege Green." If I'm using multiple colors like this, I like to stay in the same palette if possible so that they will complement each other instead of contrasting each other.

I chose Sherwin-Williams ProClassic in satin finish for the doors because I had such a great experience with it on the cabinets in our last house.

Painting the window trim white

I also started painting the window trim this week. I know many people love wood trim, but it is not my thing and didn't flow with the white trim in the rest of the house. I had Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel color matched to our existing trim color. Painting the window trim was such a small change that made a huge impact. The wood used to draw the eye to the windows, but now that the windows blend in more, the focus will become the green lower cabinets and the new faucet.

Painting the window trim white

Speaking of the new faucet... we got that beauty installed this week 😍 I am in love. IN. LOVE. Oh my goodness. The style of the Kingston Brass Heritage bridge faucet adds an old world feel to the kitchen and the vintage brass finish is simply stunning.

I shared this flatlay on Instagram last week and now that the faucet is actually installed, I'm loving it even more.

Kingston Brass Heritage Bridge Faucet in Vintage Brass finish

Isn't it gorgeous? Bye bye to our plastic chrome faucet that had poor water flow, felt like it would break when you touched it, and sprayed us in the face on occasion 🤣

We still need to install the sprayer for this faucet but need an additional hole in our sink for it. We are having trouble finding someone to do this, so we are looking into how to DIY it. I'm a little nervous about chipping the porcelain surface of the cast iron sink, so if we succeed with no chipping, I will definitely share the tutorial!!!

We also still need to replace our water filter faucet for our well water filtration system. I had bought a black one to replace that white one in hopes that it would kind of disappear into the black countertop, but it just doesn't look great with the brass. Then I realized that my beautiful faucet has a matching little sister faucet to go with it 😉 The Kingston Brass Restoration faucet is on its way!!! 🙌

Vintage style kitchen faucets

There are many styles and colors of the Kingston Brass Heritage kitchen faucet. It is a timeless design that will flow nicely with any kitchen style. I always like to look at real life photos of a product before ordering so here are a few kitchens I found when I was searching that have a vintage style faucet from Kingston Brass 😍

Vintage style kitchen faucets
via Nichol Naranjo
Vintage style kitchen faucets
via Stomp Realty Inc
Vintage style kitchen faucets
via Little Women Farmhouse
Vintage style kitchen faucets
via The Thankful Farmhouse
Vintage style kitchen faucets
via Sweet Little House of Mine
For more kitchen inspiration, follow my vintage farmhouse kitchen board on Pinterest!

Our kitchen makeover to do list

  • Paint the walls
  • Paint the cabinets
  • Install new cabinet hardware
  • Install a painted v-groove backsplash
  • Paint countertop shelf/ledge
  • Remove glass cabinet
  • Add open shelving for Sophie Conran dish collection ✔ (Partially complete)
  • Wrap radiant water pipe enclosure with faux wood beam
  • Build new table for breakfast nook
  • Buy new chairs for breakfast nook
  • Install new light fixture above table
  • Update pendant lights above bar
  • Install new vintage inspired faucet
  • Replace RO filtration faucet
  • Buy new bar stools
  • Paint the doors and update door hardware ✔ (Partially complete)
  • Create coffee nook with peg rail mug rack
  • Find artwork and wall decor
  • Change all electrical outlets and light switches to white (or black on the countertop) ✔ (Partially complete)

Big thanks to our One Room Challenge sponsors!

Kingston Brass


Stop by the One Room Challenge blog to see everyone else's project plans!

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Vintage farmhouse kitchen design flatlay with antique brass, sage green, rustic wood tones, porcelain knobs, and black accents. Add farmhouse style to your kitchen with the Kingston Brass Heritage Bridge Faucet.

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  1. Yes to all the brass faucets! Great choice!

    1. Thank you so much! I've always shied away from brass but this old house has converted me. Now I am head over heels!

  2. The white trim looks so beautiful! And I love that faucet! Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! I think they both made such a big impact! I love when small changes make that kind of difference.

  3. It's looking so good! Can't wait to see it all come together....and that faucet is gorgeous! We just installed it in polished nickel and love it. Though I'm jealous of your brass one ;)

    1. Ooooh I will have to check yours out!!! I'm so in love with the style of this faucet!!!

  4. Love, love, LOVE that faucet! It's coming together and looking so good. We're almost there. Hang in there.