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Simple Farmhouse Bathroom Moodboard- One Room Challenge

Farmhouse style bathroom design plans | One Room Challenge- week one

Have you ever had a room in your home that you just absolutely hated, but it was always on the bottom of your priority list, so you just close the door and pretend it doesn't exist? That's how we feel about our master bathroom. It's not only super tiny, but it's hideous and practically falling apart. But because it's in our master bedroom, no one sees it but us. So, unfortunately, it has been at the bottom of the to do list for a long time!!

Well, I'm excited to say we are finally tackling it for the Spring 2017 One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home. This is our second time participating in the One Room Challenge (ORC), and I am beyond excited! We gave our kitchen an overhaul for our first ORC, and not only did I enjoy the challenge of making over a space in six weeks, but the amount of community and support during the challenge was incredible! I am so looking forward to another great round of the ORC!
One Room Challenge
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So let's chat about our bathroom some more... The previous homeowners remodeled it at some point during their five years here, but unfortunately, we don't quite have the same design taste (we ran into the same problem with their kitchen remodel). They chose very traditional styled tiles with English ivy accents (yuck!) and a cherry wood vanity. It's also very obvious that they didn't properly mix the grout because it's crumbling away in parts of the small stand up shower and is unfortunately causing mold issues. (I'm going to hide my eyes well you check out these terrible pictures... yuck!!!)

Bathroom before the One Room Challenge

Also... did I mention I hate glass shower doors? Who has time to keep them clean? Especially now that we have kids. And even when I do have time to give it a good scrubbing, it still looks dirty. I'm over it! The shower door has got to go, and a nice pretty shower curtain will take it's place!

Our main goals are to redesign the bathroom with materials that meet our tastes but are also neutral enough for easy resale of the house later on. We also want to maximize storage and make the space feel bigger by using brighter more neutral colors. In addition, we've decided not to tackle the floor at this time to save ourselves some work since I'm in my third trimester of pregnancy (if you missed that announcement, you can read more!) and running out of time!! The floor tile isn't exactly something we would have chosen ourselves, but it is in good shape, and we think we can make it work for now by bringing out some of the more neutral colors in it through accessories and a change in grout color.

Bathroom before the One Room Challenge

We initially planned to keep the existing vanity. We were going to remove the part of the countertop over the toilet and change the rest of the laminate countertop to something brighter and more appealing. I like the sink and faucet, and the vanity itself could easily be updated with paint like we did in my son's bathroom. However, as we started pricing things out, we realized it wouldn't be that expensive to buy a brand new vanity that fits our style perfectly, gives us more storage, and ultimately takes up less space. Plus, it would save us time rather than installing a new countertop and painting the vanity. We got lucky and found a great sale on a pretty, rustic style vanity that I can't wait to get installed!

Bathroom before the One Room Challenge

The shower will clearly be the biggest part of this project. The shower walls need a complete overhaul! I am thrilled to be partnering with M-D Building Products for the One Room Challenge. They are a great source for all of the tiling tools and supplies needed to get the job done. In addition, to avoid the awful mold problem we currently have from happening in the future, we'll be using their awesome waterproofing system, PROVA. PROVA BOARD PLUS+ is a great alternative to using cement board as a tile backer and is fully waterproof and vapor tight. More details to come on how quick and easy it is to install! One thing is for sure, once you try the PROVA system, you'll never want to go back to using standard cement backer board!

Other small changes we'll be making are fresh paint, adding some beadboard, and updating the light fixture. We'll give the space a farmhouse feel with accessories and neutral colored bath linens. Ready to see our design plan?

Farmhouse Bathroom Moodboard:

Inspiration mood board for a simple farmhouse style bathroom makeover. Tons of ideas and inspiration for a bathroom renovation in the One Room Challenge.


Bathroom Makeover To Do List:

  • Remove tile backsplash
  • Remove countertop and vanity
  • Install beadboard
  • Install new vanity and sink faucet
  • Remove glass shower door
  • Remove shower tile and old cement board
  • Install new subway tile and grout
  • Remove tile wall moldings 
  • Install and paint wooden floor moldings/trim
  • Update floor grout color
  • Paint walls
  • Update light fixture
  • Accessorize
Check back each week to see our progress, and don't forget to stop by Calling It Home to see the rest of the One Room Challenge projects going on! It's the ultimate source of inspiration if you have a room makeover coming up!

Big thanks to our sponsors! I can't wait to share more info with you about them!

Inspiration mood board for a simple farmhouse style bathroom makeover. Tons of ideas and inspiration for a bathroom renovation in the One Room Challenge.

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  1. This is going to be so amazing Nicole!!! Can't wait to follow along!

  2. Oh my goodness - last year we added a bathroom for the ORC when I was pregnant, so I can totally relate (and my name is also Nicole ha!). The new vanity will be a big improvement, and I'm interested to find out more about the Prova backing. Good luck :)

    1. Too funny that you went through the same experience!!! ;) Hopefully we'll make it through this crazy six weeks!!!!!

  3. Love your mood board - can't wait to see it all come together!

  4. That vanity is absolutely gorgeous! And the beadboard is going to look super pretty and add so much character. I am also taking on the ORC to knock out my master bathroom and I'm debating getting rid of the glass shower doors, I'm just not sure how difficult it would be. Good luck and I can't wait to follow along! :)

    1. Thanks so much, Angela!!! We actually started demo on the shower this week, and removing the doors wasn't as tough as we thought!!! Just needed a little elbow grease to get the shower pan clean where the doors used to sit! And now it already feels so much more open :)

  5. I'm so excited to see this transformation! This space definitely has a lot of potential and I know you'll make it look SO good! Can't wait to see the new vanity, too!

    1. Thanks, Bre!!! We are so excited to finally be tackling this space!

  6. So excited to follow along Nicole!! We are hoping to do our bathroom for the fall ORC so I'm excited to see your bathroom!!!

  7. Beautiful mood board. Can't wait to see it completed. Susie from The Chelsea Project

  8. Oh man! That is quite the bathroom you are starting with! lol. I especially like the floral border... lol. Your mood board looks amazing! I can't wait to see what you do :)

  9. Really nice post you have shared here Thanks a lot for sharing. check out website