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10 Long Distance Gender Reveal Ideas

Creative ideas for announcing gender to out of town relatives and friends

Ready for a little bumpdate? Ahhhh! I can't believe this pregnancy is halfway over already! My first pregnancy seemed to go by so slowly (not in a bad way), and this one is flying by at the speed of light! It's crazy! I guess when you already have a little one keeping you busy, things go by a little faster. It makes me sad in a way because I don't have as much time to savor every little part of pregnancy, but it's also a good thing because I have been plagued with horrible morning all-day sickness that still hasn't gone away at 21 weeks! So, I really don't mind if we just speed through this sick part and move on to the fun stuff like snuggling a sweet little newborn! One exciting thing about being half way through is that we got to find out the gender! Yayyyy!!! Drum roll please... 😉

It's a boy! A 21 week bumpdate plus 10 long distance gender reveal ideas!
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It's a boy!!! Cade is going to have a little brother!

We are truly excited that these two little guys are going to be so close in age and will have a built in best friend! As many people tell me as soon as they find out that they will 18 months apart, yes, I know we're going to be very busy! But no, we are not crazy. Will the first couple of years be a blur? Probably. But will it be worth it? Absolutely. I think this age gap will be perfect as far as our sons' relationships with each other goes, so we're thrilled that it worked out this way!

Last time around we did a gender reveal party with our family and a couple of our closest friends. Unfortunately, this time my work schedule (#nurselife) didn't work out for my family to be able to travel to us that weekend, and I didn't think I could possibly wait very long to share the news.

So, we brainstormed another way to share the excitement with our family and close friends before announcing to everyone else.

It was kind of last minute, so I didn't have time to put something together to put in the mail, so we picked up some blue helium balloons and took a photo to send to our families. Simple and easy, but still allowed our family to participate! Also, don't you just love Cade's hair from the static of the balloons?! He had a blast playing with them!

It's a boy! A 21 week bumpdate plus 10 long distance gender reveal ideas!

10 Ways to announce the gender to out of town family

As I was brainstorming ideas, I did run across lots of super cute ideas for how to share the news with long distance relatives. So here are ten of the awesome gender reveal ideas I found that you can send by mail!!! I'll be keeping these in mind next time around!!!

10 great ideas for a long distance gender reveal!

1. Mini Envelopes - Paper Crave

2. Scratch Off Cards - Our Home Grown Spud

3. Diaper Card - Kristi Murphy

4. Pull Tab Cards - Making Nice in the Midwest

5. Cake Pops - You Are More Blog

6. Balloon Card - The Mom Bot

7. Puzzle Pieces - Kee Creative

8. Black & White Card - Our Home Grown Spud

9. Reveal Box - C'mon Get Crafty

10. Ultrasound Record - Paging Super Mom

No time to DIY? Order one of these ideas:

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