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Kitchen design plans and inspiration- ORC Kitchen Makeover Week 2

Hey, friends! It's week two of the One Room Challenge, and project kitchen makeover is in full swing around here! If you've never heard of the One Room Challenge, check out my week one post to learn more about the challenge and why we are updating our fairly new kitchen. Today, I want to share some of our plans and inspiration with you, and then give you a little sneak peek at our progress so far. 

One Room Challenge farmhouse kitchen makeover- Our design plans and inspiration

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Alrighty, ready to see our plans? Eeeek! I'm so excited for how this space is going to turn out! Fingers crossed that all goes according to plan!

Mood board for a farmhouse style kitchen makeover. One Room Challenge.


Kitchen plans and inspiration:

If you were to ask me to describe my decorating style, I would probably mumble off something under my breath about modern/rustic/industrial/farmhouse with a pop of muted colors (usually shades of teal). I hate to be one to just jump on the bandwagon, and in general, I'm not a very trendy person (you should see my embarassing wardrobe), so I hate describing my style as farmhouse, but it's true... I'm drawn towards neutral colors, wood tones, and dark metals which all tend to go with that industrial farmhouse feel. But y'all, before Fixer Upper was even a thing, we stained our red oak wood floors with Minwax Classic Grey stain for a rustic look, and all of our friends and family thought we were crazy when we said we were turning our floors grey! When we moved into our empty house and owned zero furniture, the first thing I ordered were these industrial end tables and coffee table for our living room. This "look" has been speaking to my soul long before it was trendy, and so I'm here to ride it out for the long haul! Here's a glimpse of our newly stained grey floors and industrial tables back when we first moved in... (This room has a come a long way since then!)

Love these grey stained red oak floors!

Despite being on this bandwagon before it was a bandwagon, I do love the show Fixer Upper, and I am so thankful that Joanna Gaines introduced me to shiplap. It adds so much dimension to a room and doesn't even have to necessarily be "farmhouse." We recently tackled our first small shiplap project in our bathroom makeover, and I'm already itching for more shiplap. So rest assured, there will be shiplap in this kitchen!!! Here's a shiplapped space from Lauren McBride that inspires me:

Shiplap kitchen inspiration

I've also been drawn to the idea of a white brick backsplash for years but never really thought it was practical or affordable. Then, at some point I saw this tutorial from Adventures In Decorating and thought a faux brick backsplash was worth a shot. Worst case scenario, it doesn't work out, and I have to replace the backsplash that I already hate anyway!

Faux brick backsplash inspiration

The other major thing we are doing is painting the cabinets!! Ahhh I'm most excited about this! I think it's going to make a HUGE difference in this entire room. Cherry wood is just not my thing. I think a really light warm grey will tone the room down, make the cabinet hardware pop, and flow better with the rest of our home. I've been drooling over this kitchen from Vintage Home Love for years:

Warm grey kitchen cabinets inspiration

So those are the three BIG projects planned for our kitchen makeover. Everything else is small cosmetic changes. 

Here's our to do list:

  • Cover the bright blue paint with a neutral color (SW Eider White)
  • Paint cabinets (SW Agreeable Gray)
  • Change cabinet hardware (Flat black knobspulls)
  • Install and paint shiplap (SW Alabaster)
  • Install and paint faux brick backsplash
  • Create a coffee bar
  • Hide ugly tile pattern in the middle of the floor
  • Update current light fixture without buying a new one
  • Buy/create wall art and decor

Week two progress:

I have to admit, we gave ourselves a tiny headstart by removing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts a few days before the challenge started. We have a little trip planned in the middle of the ORC, so I didn't want to lose any time and get behind! Painting the cabinets is probably the biggest and most time consuming task on our to do list, so we got started as soon as possible once the challenge started, and we're already just about done! Faster than anticipated! I can't wait to show you how they look and share the process of painting them with my HomeRight Finish Max and Purdy brush. Now, we need to finish reattaching the doors and drawers and install the rest of our new flat black knobs and cup pulls from D. Lawless Hardware.

This spray shelter is perfect for protecting cabinets while you spray paint and protecting your garage walls from overspray!

This week I also painted the one long wall in our kitchen with Sherwin Williams Eider White using a roller from Purdy. Eider White is a nice neutral color, a light greige. I wanted a really light color on the walls because at some points in the day our kitchen is really dark. Even though our current walls are a bright color, it still feels dark and dreary at times. A nice light almost white color should make the space feel brighter at any time of day.

Now, we're getting started on the shiplap which will run across two walls, the wall where our pantry door is and the wall behind the sink. This is another big part of our project, so we'll see how quickly we can get it done. We've got some late nights ahead of us this week! My goal is to cross the big things off our list in the first three weeks... Week one- cabinets, week two- shiplap, week three- backsplash. That way there is plenty of time left to deal with inevitable mishaps along the way. Can we pull it off? Ahhhh! I hope so! Check back next week to see if we've made any progress and to see more pictures!

I'm so excited to share our amazing sponsors for the One Room Challenge with you! I only promote products and brands that I love and trust, so these places are all well worth shopping with!

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  1. It's going to look great! I'm thinking about adding a faux brick wall to my closet, so here to it working out for both of us!

    1. Thanks, Iris! Would love to see how it looks in your closet!

  2. Ahhhhh, Nicole! LOVE the pops of black! And of course, you know I'm always on board for shiplap! Can't wait to see this space come together!!!

    1. Thank you, Kristi! I'm so looking forward to the huge difference shiplap will make!!!

  3. This is looking fabulous! And the shiplap will put it over the top!

    Vicki and Jenn
    2 Bees in a Pod