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First Blogiversary!

Imagine you are standing at the edge of the ocean. The air around you is warm and comforting as the sun beats down on you. You really want to go for a swim, but you know the water will be cold compared to what you're feeling right now. You stick your toes in the water and quickly yank them back out. Freezing! You keep trying again as you get used to the cold and then ever so slowly make your way into the water one inch at a time. Eventually you get to the point where you realize, you just have to dunk your head under water or you'll never warm up. The idea of plunging the rest of your body into that icy cold water sounds awful, but you know it's the answer. So you do it. And what do you know? Now you're warm again and the water is quite nice.

That's what starting a blog was like for me. It took a while before I even decided to get my feet wet, and even once my toes were in the water, I VERY slowly eased my way into it, writing sporadically. Once I finally got into it, I started to realize my fears more and more and eventually just had to dive head first! Now, I've been blogging for a year and can't believe how much this little blog of mine has evolved!

I don't have any super exciting projects to share with you today (although Pete and I are working on quite a few!), but I do have some exciting news! Today is not only my birthday (officially throwing me into my "late" twenties), but it's my blog's first birthday too! In light of both celebrations, I thought I'd go ahead and bite the bullet, do that whole diving in head first thing, and finally tell my friends, family, and all of Facebook about my little slice of the internet! Later today I will be posting the link to my blog on my personal social media accounts for the first time ever! (Eeeek!!!!)

So to those of you reading for the first time, hello! Welcome! If you know me well, you know I have a major passion for crafting and decorating. So when Pete and I bought our humble abode last year, I decided I might as well document the progress of our home and share it with others in hopes of inspiring someone the way so many bloggers have inspired me over the years! It's a work in progress and I still have so much to learn, but my blog and I have come so far this year (you should have seen it's ugliness in the early months!). 

You can read more about my lifewhy I blog, and why it took me so long to share, but if you know me well in real life, you know I'm a pretty reserved person, and it probably makes perfect sense that I was afraid to share my blog! The only people in real life who knew about it were people who accidentally found out and a couple of long lost friends I stumbled across in blog land! I'm super excited that it's out in the open now and hope that sharing it turns into a good thing!

In celebration of one year blogging, here are some of my favorite posts to recap the year...

My personal favorite and my most pinned project is my DIY "Love Lives Here" Painted Canvas

My most viewed post was the DIY Mail Tray which has definitely made a huge difference in the amount of clutter in our kitchen!

DIY Mail Tray: Control the counter clutter | Meet the B's

I really love the Restoration Hardware Knock-off Art I made recently for the living room. 

Restoration Hardward Key Shadow Box Knock-off Art | Meet the B's

And these Easter planters were so much fun to make!

Easy DIY Spring Planters | Meet the B's

My entryway is currently still my favorite room in the house (although still a work in progress!).

Creating a welcoming entryway | Meet the B's

Throughout the month of May, I plan to celebrate by sharing some lessons learned in my first year, sharing some of the resources that helped get me started, and co-hosting an exciting event towards the end of the month!!

Thanks for stopping by! Follow along if you like! Share your thoughts! Feedback is welcome. You can find me on Google+, Facebook (brand new page!), Bloglovin, and Pinterest!

Thanks for reading, my lovely friends! And happy May!!!! :)

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  1. Wishing you a HUGE happy birthday & happy blogiversary Nicole!!! What a PERFECT way to celebrate! You have created an AHHHH-MAZING place where your readers can learn how to do all sorts of lovely projects, get inspired and of course fall in love with such a wonderful lady!!! It's scary enough to put yourself out there on the internet to people you don't know, but for some reason, sharing with the people you love can be terrifying! I'm sure your friends & family will be as in love with your blog as your many current readers are. :) You should be incredibly proud of yourself!!! xo

    1. Thanks for all of your support Kristi!!! I'm lucky to have made some great blog friends through this experience!!! :)

  2. I'm the long lost friend you stumbled into in blog land! tee hee. Congratulations Nicole and Happy Birthday!

  3. Congratulations! I've been at this for about 24 hours, and after scouring over many different blogs trying to come up with future topics for posts, I am starting to realize how much work this is really going to be. Your dedication is an inspiration!

    1. Thanks so much! It is definitely a lot of hard work, but so worth it!! Good luck on your new adventure!!! :)