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Sprucing up the kitchen

Kitchen Before & After | Meet the B's

We decided to start our projects in the kitchen. Other than our bedroom, the kitchen is the room that is used the most and it only needed simple changes. I was desperate for any change that would make our house feel like OURS, so why not start in the easiest place?

I painted the walls a celadon color to match our Portmeirion Sophie Conran Carnivale dishes. I'm in LOVE with them. 

Then we changed the door knob and the closet knobs to bronze ones. We bought a new light fixture. We changed all the outlets from tan to white. The outlets took us three separate weekends to get right. We had some wiring issues and didn't have power on one side of the kitchen. Oopsy :) Guess hubby and I are not electricians.

That's literally all we did. Simple. And made a big difference! Here's some more before/after shots:

Now all we need is to find some artwork to hang on the walls :)

What do you think??

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