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Just wanted to share a few pictures of our new home! These are before we moved in, and for whatever reason I didn't take pictures of every room... but it will give you a good idea of the place. They are just crappy cell phone photos, so nothing too exciting! I'll try to focus on posting better pictures when I do before/afters of any projects we do!

So here ya go...

Front of the house. We plan to trim that tree back a bit, maybe even chop it down and replace it with a smaller tree off to the right so that you can see the house better. This fall we are ripping out all of those bushes (they're all holly... not a fan) and putting in some more colorful plants. We also just got a quote this week for replacing the front door.

I don't know why I didn't take a picture of the entry way, but the entryway leads to a short set of steps which leads up to the main living room (above). It's a nice sized room. We are going to refinish the hardwoord floors because they are very scratched up and we would like to change the stain color. We'll paint eventually, but right now it's already a nice neutral color. So that goes the bottom of the priority list!

You can also see a glimpse of the formal living room across the way... apparently forgot to take a picture of that too! We hope to paint the fireplace in the short term, eventually replace with stone ($$$), and paint the brass fixtures.

This small room is off of the living room. It will become my craft room :)

Dining room. To be painted. And a new chandelier!

The smallest of the bedrooms. One day nursery?

Second bedroom. We've already set it up as a guest room sort of. Just need to find some bedding and accessories. We changed the fan to a white one. We're going to paint the blue wall with the leftover paint from the rest of the room. 
Upstairs bathroom. It's decent actually. I think we'll paint the walls and replace the mirror. I already have gorgeous bathroom decor from our wedding registry :)

Our master bedroom!!! It's gianormous!!!! Two closets PLUS a walk in closet. Heaven :)
We plan to paint of course. And that's about all it needs really.

Master bath. I wish I knew what to do with this. It's all recently upgraded but not something we would have chosen. I would love to find a way to remove the ivy from the tile. We would also like to replace the counter top so that it isn't over the toilet. 

The backyard. We looooove how much space we have! We plan to chop down that 30 foot holly bush ASAP. And we've got some work to do on the azaleas that line the back fence. They're really overgrown and take up about 15-20 feed of yard depth!
Pete showing his hate for the holly bush.

Back patio. We hope to eventually repave this and put up a nice wall to sit on. Pete wants a built in grill. And a pond is in the plans for the spring.

Well... that's all I have! So I somehow forgot to photograph the entryway, the formal living room, the downstairs half bath, and the KITCHEN! Lucky for you, I just painted the kitchen and will have some photos for you sooooon :) Stay tuned!

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