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The best rug pad for cotton woven rugs

How to choose a rug pad for flatweave cotton rugs

Have you ever walked into a room and tripped over a wrinkle in the rug? Or worse, slipped because the rug slipped across the floor under your feet? This can happen frequently with lightweight flat weave rugs such as cotton woven rugs, dhurrie rugs, kilim rugs, or any other thin rugs that don't have a backing. It's easy to choose the style and design of rugs for your home, but choosing the right rug pad can require a little more research.

How to choose the best rug pad for flatweave cotton rugs.

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Cotton woven rugs

When planning the design of our living room makeover, I tried to convince myself that I wanted a vintage style rug design. They are very popular right now, and I love seeing them in other people's homes and designer spaces!

But I just didn't love it for my own home. The more I looked for the perfect vintage rug, the more it didn't feel like me. What I do really love however, are cotton woven rugs and rag rugs. I currently have them in four rooms in our home! So that's what I decided to go with for the living room too.

Luckily, these flatweave rugs are becoming increasingly trendy. But hey, nothing you really love ever goes out of style, right? And these rugs have been around the block a few times, so they are a classic style that will always become "on trend" again someday!

Cotton rugs have a very casual vibe that I love. Our living room has a very intricate 100 year old newel post on the stairs, and we've brought in some elegant antique pieces to complement it. These details can easily make the entire space feel very upscale and ornate.

Black painted gothic revival newel post in 100 year old farmhouse

Choosing a more casual rug has the power to change the feel of the entire room!

And casual does not mean unstylish design. There are so many beautiful options! We chose this Chalet diamond rug in taupe.

Modern traditional living room with cotton flatweave rug

So what's the problem? Because they are so lightweight, they can slip, slide, and bunch up. They also don't really have any cushion if you spend a lot of time sitting on the floor playing with toys like we do! This is where choosing the right rug pad becomes vital!

What is the best type of rug pad for flatweave rugs?

Everyone has had bad rug pad experiences before. They damage floors, they emit harsh scents, they slide around, they don't add cushion.

This is why choosing a high quality rug pad is just as important as choosing a high quality rug! And choosing the right type of pad for your rug type is a big part of the process.

How to choose the best rug pad for flatweave cotton rugs.

We've bought several rug pads from Rug Pad USA over the years, and have had great experiences with their rug pads, so I knew right away that they would have what I needed for a flatweave rug and that I could trust the quality of the pad. They even have a great buying guide to help you find the right pad for your floor type.

Here's what I was looking for in a rug pad:

  • Good grip so my toddlers don't slip while they're running around
  • Thin enough that no one will trip over the edge of the rug
  • Some cushioning because I sit on the floor with the kids a lot
  • Safe materials so that I'm not exposing my family to anything harsh
  • Won't damage our wood floors

How to choose the best rug pad for flatweave cotton rugs.

Rug Pad USA carries the Contour Lock and Superior Lock rug pads which are both perfect for flatweaves. They both include natural rubber for a nonslip grip and recycled felt for cushion.

We decided on the Superior Lock because it has a little more cushion and we spend a lot of time on the floor with our little guys!

Aside from the cushioning, the natural rubber is proving to have a great grip, and its a great eco-friendly choice that won't damage our floors and doesn't have a strong odor.

A thin cotton woven rug would not work well in this high traffic room if it weren't for a high quality rug pad. If you have a love for flatweaves too, be sure to check out the Contour Lock and Superior Lock at Rug Pad USA!

How to choose the best rug pad for flatweave cotton rugs.

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How to choose the best rug pad for flatweave cotton rugs.

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