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DIY Modern-Industrial Collage Wall

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DIY Modern Industrial Collage Wall- Sources & How Tos

This collage wall for our dining room has been a long time comin'! I made the first piece, the wood slice art, back in November of 2014!! I wanted to DIY most of the collage, and I'm a busy gal, so I worked on one piece at a time. I finally finished it in September, but the last few months of pregnancy were a whirl wind so I never had a chance to post it. Well, here it is finally!!! Phew!!!

See below for sources and brief how to's for each piece of art! 

DIY Modern Industrial Collage Wall- Sources & How Tos

Since our dining room sits between our living room and kitchen, I wanted to use this wall to help tie things together. I included the teal color from our living room accessories as well as the chalkboard theme of our kitchen. I also added some industrial touches to go with our new laundry room (details to come soon!). Slowly, our house is starting to feel like everything goes together! 

Here are the sources for everything in the collage...

DIY Modern Industrial Collage Wall- Sources & How Tos

1. This cutting board art is a piece I made for January 2015's Monthly DIY Challenge. We each repurposed something from the Dollar Store. I used my favorite text transfer method to create this quote on a wooden cutting board I found at a dollar store. To see more details on this piece click here

2. This industrial looking letter B represents our last name. I found it at Michaels!

3. I found this large wooden tag at Hobby Lobby. I painted it with chalkboard paint* and then used the text transfer steps to add the number 20 with a white chalk marker*. Then, I covered the entire surface with real chalk *and lightly wiped it off to give it an authentic chalkboard look. The number "20" represents the date we got married and just so happens to be our house number as well!

4. I love old skeleton keys!* I have several around our house! They make great decor for rustic styled homes. I found this large skeleton key at JoAnn Fabric while window shopping one day.

5. After getting everything up on the wall, I needed something little to fill this space. I also felt I needed another pop of teal. While shopping at Michaels with my mom one day, we saw this tiny galvanized frame on an end cap. When I got home, I painted an index card with teal acrylic paint and cut it to size. Then, I drew an ampersand on it with a white paint pen.* 

6. Another letter B to represent our last name. This was also found at Michaels. I love the galvanized metal look!

7. I wanted to incorporate where we live into the collage somehow. I found this laser cut wooden Maryland shape at Nana's Little Nest* on Etsy. I painted it with the same teal acrylic paint that I have used on accessories in our living room. 

8. This is a small canvas purchased at a craft store. Just as I did for the wooden tag in number 3, I painted it with chalkboard paint* first. I used the text transfer method to make a rough outline of a compass and then modified it to look how I wanted it. I traced over the outline I had created with a white chalk marker.* Then, again, I covered the whole canvas with real chalk.* On canvas, it is easy to just blow away the excess chalk dust. 

9. This has to be one of my favorite pieces I've ever made! Wood slices were one of the first Monthly DIY Challenge items in 2014. I wanted to make an art piece for the wall using my newly found method of transferring my favorite fonts. I painted the wood slice* with chalk paint and then added text using an archival ink marker. You can see the step by step here

DIY Modern Industrial Collage Wall- Sources & How Tos

DIY Modern Industrial Collage Wall- Sources & How Tos

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