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Monthly Subscription Box Review

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days. I never ever thought I would be someone to get a monthly subscription box. Sounded like throwing away money to me. However, back in October, one of my good friends was raving about the Popsugar Must Have Box and was looking for referrals so she could get one free month. I thought, why not, I'll look into it. Can't hurt to help a friend, right? So I looked at the Popsugar blog of past boxes and was impressed with the items they showed. I decided to help out my friend. I meant to just purchase one month.. And so it began! 

I am LOVING this subscription box! I just received my sixth box a few days ago and plan on signing up for another 3 month order! Please note, I am NOT getting paid for telling you about the Popsugar Must Have Box! I just wanted to share something I love!! :)

The best thing about this subscription box is that it isn't limited to one thing. They send cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, books, health/fitness items, candles, food, and more! So it's always a surprise to see what you might find in the box. I wait not-so-patiently the moment I get the shipping notification for it to arrive! I will say, it is one of the more expensive boxes I've seen at roughly $40/month, BUT they guarantee to send over $100 worth of merchandise in each box (and most of the time they surpass that amount!). That means you receive pretty high quality stuff! And it's not just sample sized items! They also send awesome coupons and occasional gift cards, provide free boxes for referrals, and sometimes host contests! I have no complaints at all!

Here's the April box, which is one of my favorite boxes!

Here are just some of the items I have received over the past six months... If it's not pictured it is because a) I ate it already, b) I have used all of it, or c) it's too big to fit in the picture!

Items pictured above:
Food items received not pictured above:
Other items received not pictured above:

My favorite items have been the strawberry and blackcurrant jam, pipcorn, snapea crisps, the calendar, lip gloss/ lipstick duo, and the eyeshadow pallette. Love all of it!

I definitely recommend this box! I'm already waiting for the May box to arrive!
Sign up if you're interested! Use code REFER5 to save $5 on your first box! Enjoy!

Do any of you have a monthly subscription box you've fallen in love with? Please share!!!

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