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Modified Mason Jar "Bride" Cup

My sister-in-law's bridal shower is this coming Sunday! Woohoo! Currently we are both named Nicole Brzuchalski (although she goes by Nikki), so we both can't wait til she changes her name. It will be slightly less confusing! It's amusing when we go out to dinner and order drinks. They ask to see our ID's and we watch their faces as they realize they've looked at two ID's with same exact name! Ha ha!

Anyway, myself and Pete's other two sisters are putting together the bridal shower. The theme is pink and burlap. We're using lots of mason jars in the decor, so we decided we wanted to make Nikki a special bridal cup out of a mason jar to drink out of at the shower. I had been brainstorming ideas for a while, but while aimlessly wandering the aisles of Homegoods (don't you love wandering in there?!?) the other day I stumbled across a mason jar mug with a chalkboard label painted on it for $2!!! Perfect! Just needs a little dressing up :)

So, I cut the rafia bow off, used some Goo-Gone on the price sticker, and got to painting. I used a light pink paint to go with our shower decor and just traced the outline of the chalkboard label. I then painted the word "bride" on it. 

I promise it's pink! It just looks white in the photo!

Then I gathered some accessories to make it a little more chic :)

I used my hot glue gone to attach the lace around the rim of the glass. Just add a dot on under the cut ends.

And then I tied the twine and light pink ribbon into a bow!

Voila! An easy update!

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