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March Monthly Goals

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I can't believe it's March already! 2014 is already flying by.

We started the month of March with a celebration! One of our friends got married yesterday!! And you know I lovvve weddings :) So Pete and I showed off our terrible dancing skills and boogied on the dance floor with some of my best friends! I'm so lucky to have such an awesome group of friends!

I used to think of spring when March came along... but here on the "western shore" of Maryland spring comes a little later. In fact, we're supposed to get 8 inches of snow tomorrow! Oh well. Maybe getting snowed in again will give me time to accomplish some of my to do list!

Here's what we got done in February...
  • Finish the foyer. Mostly done! Just need a rug! (I'll post some pictures tomorrow!)
  • Finish painting the living room and add some decor to the walls. Finished!
  • Finish updating the aquarium stand and start setting up the aquarium. Painted it!
  • Work on organizing the basement. Again, freezing month. Didn't get it done. Pete promised to help me in the spring when it gets a little warmer. 
  • Decorate the guest bedroom and work on making it guest friendly. Done, halfway! I bought tons of accessories at a big Hobby Lobby sale! I just need to find places for everything :)
  • Paint the stairway and upstairs hallway. Like I said last month, I didn't think I would get it done, but wanted to put it on my list just in case. Part of the problem is we need to buy a bigger ladder in order to paint the stairwell... but unfortunately we don't have a truck! Anybody want to deliver a ladder? :)
  • Continue learning how to use my new d-SLR. I've been practicing every chance I get! Lots to learn though! Check out my Pinterest board for some of the tips I've been using!
  • Continue learning how to perfect my blog! Yes! I feel like every month my blog is looking better and better. We're getting there :) If you're starting your own blog, check out some tips on Pinterest here!
And here are my plans for March.....
  • Paint the one blue wall of the guest room to match the other three walls. I'm tired of looking at that wall! 
  • Finish decorating the guest bedroom and work on making it guest friendly
  • Paint the stairway and upstairs hallway
  • Clean out the old aquarium and start getting it up and running! My poor little clownfish are desperate to have their old home back. Need more swimming space! :)
  • Create artwork for dining room. I'm thinking of doing a big canvas!
  • Learn how to use my new sewing machine. I got it for Christmas and haven't had a chance to play with it yet. Maybe I'll attempt to make some curtains :)
In other news...

We discovered there is hardwood under the carpet upstairs! Woohoo!! So that will definitely be a future project :)

Check back soon to see some of my March projects :)

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