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"Will you be my bridesmaid?" Cupcakes

Every bride-to-be knows the cute new thing is to come up with a sweet and clever way to ask your girls to play a part in the big day. If you search "will you be my bridesmaid" on Pinterest, you'll get TONS of ideas! When I started thinking about who I was going to ask to be in our wedding (which is one of the hardest decisions I've ever made!), I wanted to do something out of the ordinary. So, I decided to combine some of the inspiration I had seen with my wedding colors and my love of baking (after all, I had just gotten a new Wilton decorating kit as a gift!!!).

Will you be my Bridesmaid | {Meet the B's}

Obviously this project is from a while ago since I'm now married, but I thought it was still worth sharing! I had so much fun making these! 

I do apologize ahead of time for crappy photos... these were all taken on my iPhone, before I had my new fancy camera! You also might notice they all look a little different.. I made three different batches because I wasn't seeing all the girls at the same time. So I got to experiment quite a bit! :)

This is my FAVORITE cake mix and icing to use. Just personal preference. If you're a fancy schmancy baker, insert favorite made from scratch recipe here :) (I do lovvvve a good home made cake too, but time did not permit in this case!)

I then purchased an oversized cupcake pan and large cupcake boxes from Michael's. These cupcakes are not your standard size.. they're GIANT cupcakes! Yum!

I used just a touch of Wilton's food coloring (a little goes a long way!) to get my favorite color, of course! :)

I made extra cupcakes with each batch so that I could play around with different patterns and shapes with the icing. I would then pick my favorites as the ones to give the girls!

For the cake boxes, I used scrapbook paper in my wedding colors, a paint pen, and some flower embellishments I found at Michael's. This is where you can get really creative. You can literally use any color scheme and any embellishments! Why not add some ribbon or lace? Make your own flowers. Add some jewels or buttons. Use some cute scrapbooking stickers. The possibilities are endless!

For the inside lid of the boxes, I made them all pretty much the same. I hand wrote "Will you be my bridesmaid?" with a silver paint pen. Except my sister's.. hers said maid of honor!

On the outside of each box, I personalized it with their name and added a flower :)

Here's the finished product...

And here's my sister and I, super excited about her awesome cupcake!!

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