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Teal and grey wedding | Meet the B's

I've been promising a wedding post, but I really wasn't quite sure where to start! It was such an amazing incredible day and I could literally spend hours going into all the details! I decided to break it down into the major pieces.. the things that brides spend their time planning and checking off their lists. Hopefully something will inspire you :)

I also felt it was a little too much for a single blog post, so with a little inspiration from Young House Love, I decided to dedicate a page to it! Bear with me, it's a work in a progess. We had a very DIY wedding, so I hope to eventually add some tutorials on our wedding decor, some planning tips, as well as some vendor recommendations. This blog may be more geared towards crafts and home decor, but I loved every aspect of wedding planning, so I am happy to share anything that might help other brides!! Enjoy!

Garden wedding | Meet the B's
Please check out our awesome wedding photographer too! All of the posted wedding photos were taken by Anna Kerns. If you want the sweetest photographer around, check her out!

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